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Welcome to SOULS OF MΞTΛ Fun-To-Earn | Win-2-Earn | Free-To-Play Games!

Fun-To-Earn (F2E) | Win-2-Earn (W2E PvP) Version

How to Start

1) Create an account on SoulPad Portal and Download the game client to start

2) Play all of the available game modes:

⚔️ W2E in PvP:Get Gladiator Badges to fight on PvP Battle Arena for glory and BUSD rewards! Talk to Arena Master NPC in the game to start.

F2E in PvE:
Get 1 Character and 1 Weapon NFT in your Web3 Wallet, fight monsters and earn SMP. Enter Fun-2-Earn Progression Mode in the game to start.

⚔️ F2P: Fight against The Horde for fun in the PvE mode or train yourself against real players in the PvP mode. Enter Undead Realm or Samurai Realms for PvE. Talk to Arena Master NPC and select Training mode for PvP.

Earn Requirements

1 – SOM NFTs or Gladiator Badges
2 – Web3 Wallet
3 – In-game Account
4 – Stable Internet connection
5 – Download Steam for PvP W2E Battles
6 – Now let’s Play!

For more information visit:
W2E page | F2E page

Free-To-Play Legacy (F2P) Version

How to start

1 – Download and install the game via button below
2 – In the game access Free-2-Play Version via the corresponding button

Earn requirements

No earnings available in F2P mode
Can switch to F2E mode at anytime

Join our Community Chat to discover ongoing competitions, tournaments, and quests. Share your feedback and suggestions in the form.
Check our Game Trailer while you’re at it. Thank you and have fun!