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FUN-2-EARN SMP Leaderboard

#1 Dr3wTat3 | 1,324,593 SMP

#2 StacyF0x88 | 1,207,652 SMP

#3 M0zartZk | 1,145,376 SMP

📣 Brand new Multiplayer PvP modes are here! Introducing Daily Battles and Dedicated Matchmaking Chat for Win2Earn and Training PvP Battle Arena modes. 📣

To access Win2Earn each player should Download PvP Game and Signup on SoulPad (if new to the game) and get at least 1 Gladiator Badge.

⚔️ Get Your Tickets/Badges to Enter the Battle & Win ⚔️

📣 A new Win2Earn PvP Battle competition is here! Don’t miss a chance to get some Free SOM NFT gear and significantly improve your win rate in the PvP Battle Arena mode!


SoulVerse is vast and waiting for you to explore. Lots of different Play Modes will be available in SOULS OF MΞTΛ for players to enjoy across multiple iconic locations. Play Modes can be of two types: PvE and PvP. The co-op feature can be in both mode types.

Story Campaign

Rogue-like Dungeons

Co-op Playthrough

Castle Defense

PvP Arena Gold & NFT

Battle Royale

Key features

The brand new 1x1 Player-vs-Player mode with Win-2-Earn Battle Arena is a massive update to the Souls of Meta game. It implements a super innovative and highly sustainable proprietary Win-2-Earn model where players can have fun battling each other and win cash rewards. To access Win2Earn each player should Download PvP Game and Signup on SoulPad (if new to the game) and get at least 1 Gladiator Badge.

Get at least one Character and one Weapon NFT to start your Fun-2-Earn journey in Souls of Meta. Join multiple activities across different Realms in our PvE and PvP modes:

  • Dungeons, Castle Defence, Arena, and Battle Royale
  • Token Farming, Land Development, NFT Upgrading
  • Daly Missions, Puzzles, Guild Activities
  • Quests, Competitions, Seasons, and Factions

SoulFi is a mix of multiple innovative models that bring a revolutionary gaming experience:

  • Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play)
  • Win-2-Earn
  • Create-2-Earn
  • Build-2-Earn
  • Refer-2-Earn
  • Invite-2-Earn
  • Share-2-Earn
  • Watch-2-Earn

SoulVerse is a vibrant metaverse designed for partnership growth and featuring:

  • Partnership NFT drops
  • Partnership-driven Game Asset Design
  • Player-driven Game Asset Design
  • Guild-driven Events and Game Asset Design
  • Seasonal Events
  • Partnership Events
  • Sponsored Events

SoulPad is our launchpad for multiple in-game INOs. Starting with Souls of Meta Genesis NFT collections to a number of cross-game partnership NFT drops. Simply connect your Web3 wallet and mint NFTs of your choosing to start your journey in Soul of Meta right away!

SMP is only given to the players and contributors in the game so that only true game fans can have influence over the future of the game development by voting for new features through staking it in SoulDAO!

SoulDAO features:

  • Balanced Contextual Stakeholder Voting Rights
  • Multi-Layered Thematic Stakeholder Governance Structure
  • DAO Engagement-driven Value Assignment Model

Win-2-Earn JOURNEY

Win-2-Earn PvP Battle Arena is a high-risk high-reward type of gaming mode. It is designed for players who excel in battle and enjoy higher stakes!

Choose your FUn-2-EARN NFTS


Join the Guild to earn more $SMP and fight against other Guilds in Win-2-Earn PvP Battle Arena together, find new friends and help to onboard! Guilds may enlist for partnership via this form.



Souls of Meta is LIVE!

Play for FREE or get your character and weapon NFTs to join the Fun-2-Earn game version. Fight The Horde, loot treasure chests, complete quests, level-up your characters and learn new skills in a new 3D action RPG blockchain game!